Included with all complete home inspections. 

Porch Home Assistant Gold:  Moving into a new home involves a long list of work to be done.  Porch is a national company that helps people with chores such as: address changes, moving companies, utility account set up, furniture assembly, and all home related repairs…  Colony Home Inspections provides a free Porch membership with all complete home inspections.

Home Owners Network: All homeowners eventually have questions about their home, how to operate, maintain, and or repair various items etc.  Home Owner’s Resource gives you quick access to all questions home related.  We provides a free one year membership with all complete home inspections.


HomeBinder allows you to organize and save all related home information in a convenient online application. From setting up automatic reminders for things like changing batteries, air filters, septic system maintenance… to storing paint colors to getting maintenance reminders, HomeBinder will help get your home ownership off to a great start. It will ensure you have all the details you need in the future right at your fingertips.  We will give you a free lifetime of ownership access to HomeBinder Homeowner Edition as part of your inspection.


Available with upgrade inspection packages. 


Home inspections will determine what is working properly at the time of the inspection, but all things man made stop working eventually!  The days after moving into your new home is not a good time to have to deal with problems.  We provide a free limited 90 – Day Home Warranty with all complete home inspections when either of the level II or III inspection upgrades are chosen.