Home inspections has been the most rewarding job I have ever had!


To be a good home inspector a person must:

  • Be good with people: you are the primary contact with all of our customers; you must be able to provide a professional experience.
  • Understand building science and or have a proven mechanical aptitude:  much of what we look for can’t be found in a text book; you need to be able to understand how things work.
  • Have an above average level of intelligence: there is a lot of training, licensing, certifications, tests, continuing education, etc. that is required to be a licensed home inspector.
  • Comfortable with current technology: the world is an electronic experience, and so is home inspections.  You must be familiar with wi-fi, hot spots, cloud services, google services, phone and computer apps for report writing and delivery etc.
  • Be physically fit: you will be climbing ladders, walking on roofs, crawling in crawlspaces, and moving ALL DAY!


If you are currently working as a licensed home inspector and don’t like dealing with all of the back office duties like marketing,  book keeping, taxes, insurance, web sites, etc. consider working with Colony Home Inspections and let us take the hassle off your hands so you can concentrate on the fun stuff – inspecting!

If you are not currently a licensed home inspector, we can provide the extensive education, training, licensing, etc. that you will need.  This process can take some time and a lot of work, so plan accordingly.  Starting a new inspections company can be very time consuming and expensive; building up a referral base can take years.  Consider working for us and letting us get you past the start up phase that kills so many inspection companies.

We offer one of the best total compensation and support packages in the industry.

If you are interested in a long and rewarding career in home inspections, send me an email with your resume and include a cover page describing how you meet each of the requirements listed above.


Ken Corbitt
Colony Home Inspections – Carolina, LLC